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Silk Sleep Pillowcase - Champagne

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Feel the revolutionary difference of 100% mulberry silk, especially in our 6A high grade and 22 momme thickness silk. Trust us when we say your skincare and haircare game will get a major upgrade with this simple change.

Silk is gentle on the hair and skin, reduces friction which in turn reduces wrinkles on the skin and frizzy hair. 

Single standard-sized (50x75cm) pillowcase with envelope enclosure.


Customer Reviews

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Best silk pillow case!

I bought 2 of them and I’m so glad I did! They are super soft and the best quality

Alexandra Moskovitch
The softest pillowcase in existence!

This pillowcase is incredible. I knew it was going to be amazing, material and price wise, but it STILL exceeded my expectations. It is so incredibly soft, my husband and I both felt it and we gasped. I had to buy one for him after that. The quality and grade of the silk (I didn't really pay attention to this before) is incredible, it really makes a difference. Satin and lower grade silk (pillow cases amazon was selling for $20), personally, just can't even compare to this pillowcase. Not to mention the benefits for your hair, skin and allergies. Thank you Lionheart Label!