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  • Should I Use a Wide-Tooth Comb?

    In case you haven't noticed, hair care is a theme around here. We want you to feel good, meanwhile using cute, luxurious and affordable products to do so.

    The best part about wide-tooth combs is that they're suitable for any hair type, and the spacing between teeth allow the comb to mimic finger combing, helping you detangle your hair without pulling or damaging any strands.

    A wide-tooth comb will also benefit your hair by helping distribute its natural oils more evenly without stripping your hair of them like a regular bristle brush would. And, you guessed it, wide-tooth combs will help distribute any product you use in your hair more evenly too, whether it's a mask, serum or just your post-shampoo conditioner.

    Your hair aside, a wide-tooth comb can help you get that scalp massage you're definitely craving, helping exfoliate your scalp, allowing your hair follicles to breathe, boost circulation and increase natural oil production. You will also notice a significant drop in hair loss and much less dandruff when using a wide-tooth comb.

    So what are you waiting for? Brush it off with us in our newest scalloped-edge black comb or pink comb, or go for our classic shape and tortoise-shell comb.

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  • Benefits of Using Silk Scrunchies

    We are often asked, what are the benefits of 100% silk scrunchies and are silk scrunchies worth it?

    Our 100% mulberry silk scrunchies are made with 6A grade and 22 momme silk, making them the highest grade of silk and the most thick option for hair accessories - in fact, anything thicker would only be used for curtains. 

    Silk retains its own moisture, which means it will not strip your hair of moisture, and will leave it feeling smooth and frizz-free.

    While our elastics are strong enough to keep that ponytail tight all day, the 100% mulberry silk allows you to pull our scrunchies out with one simple glide, helping avoid breakages.

    Finally, you'll see a significant decrease in creasing when taking out your ponytail at the end of the day.

    Feel the difference of silk and shop some of our customers' favourites: the Blush Basic Scrunchie, the Black XL Scrunchie, the Classics Midi Set, and the Neutrals Skinnies Set.

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