• Here’s Why You Should Opt For A Silk Pillowcase From Now On

    Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has many benefits for your hair and skin and here’s why you should invest in this option as soon as possible.


    Silk pillowcases have been around for quite some time now and since their appearance on the scene, they have completely revolutionized the pillowcase game. Several studies conducted by dermatologists agreed that silk has many benefits and useful properties that can help people achieve luxurious, strong, and healthy hair as well as skin. Some incredible changes users have noted include less frizzy hair, reduced wrinkles formed, and self-esteem boost.

    This fabric doesn’t absorb moisture, keeping you hydrated all night long, and doesn’t tangle your hair, which cotton pillowcases do in excess, damaging your hair and increasing slip ends.

    Lionheart is known for producing the best silk pillowcases for hair, using a top-quality fabric that is gentle on the hair and skin, and reduces friction which in turn reduces wrinkles on the skin and frizzy hair. Bringing luxury products to the market at affordable prices, as well as the most incredible designs and colors, Lionheart is stepping strongly into the silk pillowcase industry, and here’s why you should invest in this product right away. 

    Reduce Frizz

    Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can significantly reduce frizz and split ends. Due to the fabric’s very smooth texture, friction between hair strands is reduced, concluding in healthier and shinier hair. Cotton pillowcases tend to create tangles and dry out your hair.

    What’s more, because silk can’t absorb moisture, your hair can never be dehydrated. This only promotes stronger roots and less damaged parts. This is ideal for people who have dyed hair and need to take extra care of it, and for those who struggle with dandruff issues.

    If you’re looking for a quality pillowcase for hair, you should opt for a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, 6A grade, 22mm thickness that takes proper care of your hair and skin. Lionheart produces the best silk pillowcase for hair and it is the only company that can look after your health and provides users with a top-quality fabric that feels luxurious and has incredible benefits for your skin and hair.


    Bye-Bye Wrinkles

    Apart from helping people achieve the most luxurious and healthy hair, silk pillowcases reduce wrinkles and take good care of your skin while you sleep. The friction caused by tugging and turning around in our bed produces creases in the skin, but this can be completely solved by swapping for silk pillowcases.

    The smooth surface and anti-bacterial properties of silk promote better blood circulation and reduce the chances of damaging your skin.

    Further, silk pillowcases can be used to help treatments for skin-related diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis, due to the fabric’s light composition as well as its incapacity to absorb any moisture, preventing dry skin and possible spread of bacteria. (1)


    They Make Your Life Easier

    This might sound like a bold and dramatic statement, but it's true. Not only do silk pillowcases keep your hair stronger and your skin healthier, but they are also lifesaving tools that don’t require almost any maintenance.

    Silk can be machine washable at 30 degrees and dries very fast. Further, silk pillowcases last way longer than regular cotton ones and they are a naturally hypoallergenic and natural product, meaning that no harsh chemicals get in contact with your skin or hair, ever. It doesn’t absorb moisture and dry off your skin and hair either.

    This fabric is wonderfully cooling in the summer, which is great for those who suffer the heat and get sick leaving the AC on all night, and incredibly warming in winter. What’s more, silk prevents unwanted bacteria and night-time nasties such as bed mites and other atrocious insects that contaminate your space and promote skin-related issues.



    Silk Pillowcases Improve Your Self-Esteem

    Anyone who has swapped their old cotton pillowcase for a silk new one can agree with this statement. Silk pillowcases have many benefits for your hair and skin that improve your self-esteem; psychologically, when we take care of ourselves and invest time and money into buying quality products that help our health, we feel good, motivated, and happy. This fabric feels luxurious without the need to break your bank account, which has helped a lot of people feel worthy of owning nice things.

    By investing in a quality silk pillowcase, you can enjoy having healthier hair and skin, promoting confidence in one’s appearance. What’s more, all these benefits combined tend to reduce stress and anxiety, improving sleep time and quality overall. This has direct consequences and benefits to other aspects of one’s life, thus not sleeping correctly, in terms of the necessary hours humans need to rest and being properly comfortable in your bed, can tremendously affect your health and mental well-being. 

    We are a woman-owned small business based in Toronto, Canada with a vision to provide beautiful, luxurious accessories that look good, feel good, and come at an affordable price. Making someone’s life more luxurious doesn’t have to cost you your monthly salary, that’s why we took a personal compromise to deliver high-quality products that everyone can have access to.

    Only the finest silk is used for this product, including 100% Mulberry Silk, using 6A grade (the highest grade), and 22momme thickness which is the most optimal thickness for accessories - anything thicker is used for curtains. Pure silk allows your hair to retain its moisture, helping combat frizz, breakages, and snags. Once you make the change and invest in a quality silk pillowcase your life will improve tremendously.

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